Amy Clare Tasker Performance Lab is a small collective of artists with big ideas,
working to realise projects instigated by Amy Clare Tasker.


Formed in 2016, the Performance Lab is led by Artistic Director Amy Clare Tasker and Executive Director Susie Italiano.

We are currently developing:

Home Is Where…  (Rich Mix September 2016), an innovative devised performance using headphone verbatim, music, movement and multimedia to explore themes of culture, identity, and belonging.

The Helen Project (solo show coming soon, LOST Theatre 2014, DIVAfest 2013), a postmodern feminist retelling of the Trojan War myths, which began as a five-actor performance in San Francisco and is currently developing into a solo performance, on its way to becoming a full-scale multimedia installation in London.

Our work is eclectic, genre-resistant, and guided by my core artistic philosophy:

I am committed to new work, new forms, and new voices for performance.
I am inspired by connecting ancient ideas with modern sensibilities; I am obsessed with contradictory truths.
I admire bold aesthetics and unusual compositions.
I am completely hooked on Greek mythology – and other combinations of epic stories and poetic language.
I am passionate about balance, respect, and sustainability.
I am certain that including artists across culture, gender, class, and race makes better theatre.
I am continually astonished by the brilliance and generosity of my collaborators.
I believe we can do more than simply reflect the world as it is; theatre has the power to show us worlds that could be.


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Amy Clare Tasker Performance Lab Ltd is registered in England and Wales. Company number 10098979.