About Susie Italiano

Susie ItalianoSusie is Executive Director of Amy Clare Tasker Performance Lab and Administrator at Improbable. After a short career as a dancer, she realised that she was not meant to be on stage but rather belongs behind the scenes, where she can make things happen.

She obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics in 2010, and a Master’s Degree in Management of the Performing Arts at SDA Bocconi, Italy, in 2012. She worked at the Public Theatre (AKA the New York Shakespeare Festival founded by Joe Papp), where she discovered her passion for Finance, and at the Shakespeare’s Globe in London during the Playing Shakespeare and the Globe to Globe festivals in 2012. Before becoming Administrator at Improbable, she also made coffee, sold furniture, and sold kitchens for a living. She is very proud of her skill to make a heart with the milk foam when preparing a latte.

Susie loves budgets, finance, and systems, as well as building friendly and communicative relationships with the creative teams she works with. She is a qualified IAB Bookkeeper, and is currently studying to obtain the full qualification to become a Chartered Accountant (ACCA).

As a child she lived in Singapore, then Hong Kong, and moved back to her home town in Italy, where she stayed until the end of her university years, and she is now based in London. And yes, that’s her actual surname.

Twitter: @SusieItaliano