“Women are clearly in charge of the stage in Antistrophe Ensemble’s update of the classical Return from Troy cycle… The theatre is intimate, the company is brand new, the cast is young and enthusiastic and clever and the audience loves them.” Read More…
– Jim Strope for, August 2009.

Founded in 2009, Antistrophe Ensemble’s mission is to provide opportunities for emerging artists to hone their skills as playwrights, directors, actors, and designers. We strive to respond to the classical dramatic canon by creating new collaborative works of theater.

Our name, Antistrophe Ensemble, is taken from one of the three parts of the choral ode in Ancient Greek drama. The Strophe begins the ode by commenting on the action of the play. The Antistrophe offers an alternative interpretation of events. Finally, the Epode synthesizes both points of view. Thank you for being our Epode this evening!

This summer, we have drawn our inspiration from the stories of the victors returning from the Trojan War, to find their homes a battlefield as damaged and dangerous as the ruins of Troy. Somewhere between the Iliad and the Odyssey, the stories of these homecomings are lost. We have imagined (and re-imagined) them and given them a stage.


ALL’S FAIR premiered at the San Francisco Theater Festival and went on to a limited run at the EXIT on Taylor in August, 2009.

featuring Misti Boettiger, Shipra Chandra Godhwani, Danielle Doyle, Vince Faso, Maria Giere, and Isaac Samuelson.

design and production by Nikki Beck, Stephanie Desnoyers, Katie Dowse, Nora Malley, Benjamin O’Brien, Amanda Ortmayer, and Sarah Zaltash.