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antique_compassHyphenated is a viral storytelling project, gathering remarkable personal histories about growing up global. Third Culture Kids (TCKs) create their own unique cultural identity after spending their formative years outside of their “passport culture.”

With a team of fellow TCK artists, I’m collecting stories to be the basis of a verbatim theatre piece. Much more information is here.

The Helen Project

The Helen Project is on the road to its UK premiere! After last year’s workshop at DIVAfest in San Francisco, I’m working with an amazing team of London collaborators to develop an immersive production across the pond.

We performed an excerpt of the piece at the GAP Salon/Female Arts/ So and So Arts Club WOW Party at the Southbank Centre’s Women of the World Festival in March, which we reprised on June 15th at Stand-Up Tragedy‘s Greek Tragedy Night in Brixton. In July 2014, we experimented with both interconnected solo performances and a one-on-one immersive installation at the Lost Theatre’s Face to Face Festival of solo theatre.

On October 7th, we returned to the Face to Face Festival with a new five-Helen solo performance for their beautiful 180 seat thrust theatre. More details about the project’s history, current iteration, and creative teams are here.

You can support The Helen Project from near or far via PayPal in either £GBP or $USD. Thank you!

…what’s coming?

Projects in more long-term development are dreamt of here.

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