Workshop: Digital Theatre

Looking to expand your toolbox and create pandemic-proof digital performances? First stop: my Zoom Theatre Starter Guide, freely available here.

If you prefer a live workshop, check out these options:

  • individual artists – keep an eye on The Cockpit’s Devising Online course, which I co-teach with actor & filmmaker Steve North.
  • ensembles & companies – bring me in to rehearsal, and I can help you find the right tools to make your ideas come alive on screen.
  • programme managers & facilitators – book a training session for your course leaders to get up to speed with Zoom tools for their own workshops.
Here’s a short performance I created on Zoom, performed at The Cockpit’s scratch night Theatre in the Pound in March 2021.

“Thank you for the time, energy, and expertise you brought to yesterday’s session. The Youth Theatre team really valued the chance to get excited about the creative possibilities of Zoom.”

Maria Shury-Smith, Youth & Community Manager, Kiln Theatre